What’s the warranty stickers and how to choose warranty stickers

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Warranty stickers are for security use for protect your brands and help customers identify your original products.

Usually you could choose next normal used warranty stickers according to different mateirals:

1: Destructible tamper evident warranty stickers:

  Feature: destructible labels are fragile with strong adhesive, and they cannot removed easily and will break into pieces once tampered, usually for warranty stickers if removed or broken, And you could stick them on the seals of boxes, or on the screws of electronics.

Destructible labels sizes, shapes and designs could be customized, contact with us for more special destructible warranty stickers please!


2: Warranty VOID stickers (indestructible vinyl stickers)

  Feature: Warranty Void Stickers are water proof and indestructible vinyl, and they will leave texts “VOIDor “OPENVOID” once removed normally, the leading texts could also customized based on the MOQ. They are usually stick on the seals of boxes or any open cases which you don’t want others open them before use and for warranty use


Warranty VOID stickers sizes, shapes and designs could be customized, contact with us for more special materials for warranty void stickers please!


3: 2D/3D Hologram Stickers

  Feature: 2D/3D hologram stickers are with special patterns usually and you could choose one time use or permanent use, check next for more details please:


Welcome custom your own design warranty stickers, any size or design is ok. Tell us your ideas please, we will try our best to provide you with professional suggestions and good printing effect.


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