Eggshell Sticker Paper Feature |

Eggshell Sticker Paper Feature

Fancy Printing Provide Best Eggshell Stickers with good original materials and printing. Our materials are the best in the world which if from the most professional factory for more than 17 years history for producing destructible eggshell sticker materials only.

Eggshell Sticker Paper Types:

  • White eggshell sticker papers
  • Plain hologram eggshell sticker papers
  • Transparent eggshell sticker papers

Eggshell Sticker Materials:

  • Facestock thickness: 100micron ±10
  • Brittle grades: easy → medium → hard, even the same brittle will also be more and more brittle as the temperature becomes lower and lower, we will choose the best model according to your local weather and temperature
  • Adhesive: import eco-friendly water sensitive adhesive with long lasting viscosity, hard to removed.
  • Release liners: thicker 176g white paper release liners and 80g glassine release liners, the facestock is the same.

Eggshell Sticker Feature:

Destructible eggshell stickers cannot removed by one time and with strong water sensitive adhesive provides high bond and excellent destructibility on most substrates, including metals, power coated surfaces, and plastics, including many low energy surface materials.

eggshell stickers

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They are good for used as graffiti stickers, doodle slaps or street art tags. Very hard to peel off with outdoor durability and excellent out door performance.


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