What are the surface materials of the fragile paper sticker (eggshell stickers)?

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Fragile paper is a kind of composite anti-counterfeiting material with fragile printing consumables as the fabric, special strong adhesive on the reverse side, and silicon-coated protective paper as the base paper. Fragile paper self-adhesive labels are one of the important self-adhesive labels. The breaking strength of the fabric is much smaller than that of the adhesive, and it cannot be detached after being pasted and cannot be reused many times. The fragile paper self-adhesive label face material is processed by printing, die-cutting and other production processes, and then made into fragile labels or fragile stickers, also known as commodity fragile quality warranty stickers. It is mainly used in part of the conventional product identification method that is difficult to be accurately and accurately guaranteed by the formal quality assurance method.

Fragile paper sticker

Fragile paper is mainly used in the industry

It is widely used in the quality assurance of high-end vendors such as mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automobile electrical appliances, alcohol, medical drugs, food products, cosmetic products, tickets for art performances, etc. It can also be used for anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting of shopping mall commodities. The characteristics of the products to be guaranteed are high price, high quality assurance obligations, and high quality assurance time accuracy requirements. Therefore, the quality of fragile stickers can directly affect the quality of product after-sales maintenance services and the economic benefits of merchants. The selection of such anti-counterfeiting materials can be effective Prevent all kinds of losses and disputes from happening.

Precautions for printing and application of fragile paper self-adhesive labels

Fragile paper self-adhesive labels are used as anti-counterfeiting materials in the special process. They have low tensile strength, are extremely fragile, have shrinkage, and have corresponding special requirements for temperature, humidity and storage period. In use, it is usually used as an anti-counterfeiting mark. According to the difference of the bottom paper, it can be divided into two types of materials: thin bottom paper and thick bottom paper.

1. The surface material of the thin-bottomed paper type fragile paper self-adhesive label

The thin-bottom paper type fragile paper self-adhesive label surface material is suitable for printing and processing on the label printer in the form of roll paper. This is because the strength of the face material is low, and the fragile paper is only printed and die-cut without waste discharge; the label of the finished product is only cut and not rewinded. Therefore, the self-adhesive labels of fragile paper cannot be automatically labeled, and all the labels are made by hand.

Thin-bottom paper-type fragile paper self-adhesive label face materials should not be printed in a single-page manner, because the roll material will accelerate the shrinkage of the face material after cutting, causing the bottom paper to deform, and there will be a gap between the bottom paper and the face material. , Glue is affected by the environment and overflows, causing the face material to break during printing processing, causing more waste labels and increasing wear and tear.

Second, the surface material of the thick-bottomed paper-type fragile paper self-adhesive label

The thickness of the bottom paper of the thick-bottomed fragile paper self-adhesive label surface material is usually 120g-220g/m2. This is because of the thickness of the backing paper and the shrinkage of the face material is not easy to cause deformation of the backing paper, but always causes the shrinkage of the face material.

The surface material of the thick-bottomed paper type fragile paper self-adhesive label can be cut into single pages and printed by offset printing, letterpress printing and screen printing.

After die-cutting, it is hand-made to discharge or not discharge waste.

This is because the fragile paper sticker face material has the characteristics of easy shrinkage, and the processor should print immediately after purchasing the material, which is not suitable for long-term storage; when printing encounters the problem of face material shrinkage and edge overflow The paper feeding speed should be slowed down as much as possible to prevent excessive separation force, causing material edges to break and tear edges.

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