Customized Eggshell Stickers for Customers

Here will show our customized eggshell stickers for customers. Customers only need to provide text or pictures, and Emily will design them for you for free until you are satisfied. We know that the labels printed by general printing plants are very fuzzy. In fact, it is not that their equipment is not good, but that their design drafts have not been processed before printing, and the design drafts themselves are not clear. And Emily designed a vector design draft, which can be enlarged without limit during the printing process without losing the details of the design.

In order to communicate efficiently, Emily will design all the common designs for you to choose, so that you can see the effect after printing. All our customers like this process very much. So they trust us very much.

custom eggshell stickers design from emilyeggshell stickers design from emily

Above are the renderings of the eggshell sticker design draft, they are vector files. We provide customers with choices, they know very well what they need to be after printing.