Custom Warranty VOID IF Seal Broken or Removed Stickers

Custom void warranty label, custom warranty sticker void if tampered

Tamper Proof Security VOID sticker Feature:

  1. The void stickers outlook likes common adhesive tapes and will show the hidden texts glue once opened or tampered. The common used leaving texts are including “VOID”, “VOIDOPEN”
  2. The covered packages surface and the removed tapes will show the tampered evident together once removed. The VOID tamper proof stickers could be used only one time and cannot return back as original.
  3. The void stickers are including full transfer void stickers, partial transfer void stickers and the no transfer or no residue void stickers
  4. VOID stickers are could be with release liners as adhesive stickers or without release liners as security seal void tapes

Tamper proof void vinyl stickers types

  1. The void label materials face would be customized with your requests, the facestock could be PET, PE, OPP, Coated papers and the ect.
  2. The facestock could be performance different colors, such as white, matte silver, glossy silver, black, red, blue, green or other colors
  3. The face of the void sticker materials could be improved by coating treatment for printed better with offset printing, UV printing and the ect and they are also chemical proof , water proof and lower machine loss.
  4. The leaving texts could be words, images or customized content. This customized leaving texts could improve company image.

Tamper evident VOID sticker Usage:

  1. Void stickers used as security seal stickers. Such as logistics, aircraft business, express deliveries, documents, mails, warehousing and the ect. Stick on the void stickers on the objects seals to prevent the documents, mails or packages from opened without admitted
  2. VOID labels used as tamper evident seal stickers, Such as for IT, electronics, medicine, chemical, shopping mall and the ect.These security stickers usually covered on the key seal of the products packages to prevent the original products from changed or stolen
  3. VOID stickers are also enhance the customers confidence on their products. These stickers are the quality promise for the customers

Some sample design shows, you could custom any size, shape and color.

Feel free to contact with us for designs and details please.


custom warranty void if seal broken or removed stickers



  • Partial transfer(partial residue):Suitable for use on disposable package, such as metal, glass, plastic, and corona treated PE bags. It offers anti-counterfeiting, protection against product piracy, helps to secure brand name and product. It is an effective tool for brand protection and to prevent tampering.

  • Full transfer(total residue):Suitable for use on disposable package. It can stand in rougher environment. It isspecifically designed to secure high value or sensitive items by preventing counterfeiting, theft and unauthorized access of the cargo or products, such as electronic meters, banknotes, passports, etc.

  •  Non-transfer(non-residue):Suitable for use on recyclable package, such as jewel, cosmetics, aviation, ATM machine, etc.