Clear transparent eggshell stickers

Custom clear destructible transparent security eggshell stickers,Once tampered,the paper will break into tiny pieces and it's just one time use.The special technology has widely used in tamper evident as warranty stickers,security seal,asset protection and so on.

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transparent eggshell sticker

What is Custom Adhesive Transparent Eggshell Sticker?
1.Custom adhesive transparent ultra destructible stickers are tamper evident labels with customized company logo or name printed and also can be with texts: warranty void if seal broken or removed or tampered. Self destructive labels are with very sticky adhesive and brittle paper face, they can only removed bit by bit.
2.Different with normal paper stickers, the surface is with low ductile and the destructible eggshell sticker works by adhesive and the face together.
3.Adhesive transparent destructible labels are special tamper evident stickers and will break into pieces once removed.

clear eggshellstickers
A4 size clear eggshell stickers:
A4 size clear eggshell sticker
drawing on transparent eggshell stickers