Blank white eggshell sticker papers and hologram eggshell sticker papers in sheets or rolls

The Top Quality of Eggshell Stickers Resource of China.

Eggshell sticker materials are a kind of special label materials, they are with very strong adhesive and cannot removed without hundreds of times, and they are also excellent destructibility on most substrates, including metals, power coated surfaces, and plastics, including many low energy surface materials.

*Thickness of Facestock:100micron±10%

*Adhesive:Super Strong

*Liner:80g glassine/176g white kraft

Hot Sale Sheet Size: A4 (8.27"x11.69")

                                  A3 (11.69"X16.5")

❤ The sheet size could be customized, from 3cm to 107cm, just feel free to contact us for more details.


custom eggshell sticker samples
A4 eggshell stickers

Demo testing: