Custom No Adhesive Static Cling Labels

The static sling adhesive label is a kind of non-adhesive film, mainly made of PE and PVC. It is protected by electrostatic adsorption of the product itself. It is generally used for the surface sensitive to adhesive or glue residue, and is mostly used for glass. Very smooth surface such as lens, high gloss plastic surface, acrylic.
You cannot feel the static electricity outside the film. It is self-adhesive with very low adhesion. It is sufficient for high-gloss surfaces. Generally, it has 30micron, 50 micron  and 8 micron. The color is transparent.

The static cling label has excellent performance in temperature resistance, smooth surface, high transparency, strong adhesion, strong tensile strength, anti-aging, and six advantages of the fine electrostatic film sticker:

1. No residue: The electrostatic film itself does not contain any kind of chemical solvent. It is produced in a high-purity clean room of Class 1000. No toxic or harmful substances will be produced in the production process or in the future.

2, good surface adsorption: the surface of the electrostatic film has good adsorption, good adhesion, tear-free residual glue does not affect the appearance of the product.

3, can be repeatedly pasted: easy to stick and tear, good temperature resistance, no yellow spill, easy to operate, light, safe and environmentally friendly, can be repeatedly used repeatedly.

4, the surface is smooth and uniform: the surface of the electrostatic film is smooth, the transparency is good, the dust-free point and the thickness are uniform.

5, better high temperature resistance: moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, up to 120 degrees high temperature, can be used in high temperature environment.

6, a wide range of applications: electrostatic protective film is widely used in glass surface, computer panels, TV borders, plastic products, optoelectronics, electronic instruments, acrylic sheet, PC sheet and other products.