Custom hologram eggshell stickers printing

Custom Hologram Eggshell stickers , 3D Holographic Destructible Paper Eggshell stickers

We have been specialized in producing destructible vinyl label paper for 17 years.Also,the high quality eggshell stickers we produce can be easily exported to many countries.The quality of our products is belivable and the service of our company is good.If you have any ideas just contact us


Hologram destructible eggshell stickers, they cannot removed with one time and with strong water sensitive adhesive provides high bond and excellent destructibility on most substrates, including metals, power coated surfaces, and plastics, including many low energy surface materials.  We provide customized eggshell stickers printing, just feel free to contact with us for your sticker size, quantity and show us your draft designs is ok.

hologram eggshell stickers

custom hologram eggshell stickers printing

Now watch video to learn more about our eggshell stickers: