Custom Destructible Tamper Evident Warranty Stickers

What is tamper evident destructible stickers

  1. Destructible warranty stickers are tamper evident labels with customized company logo or name printed and also can be with texts: warranty void if seal broken or removed or tampered. Self destructive labels are with very sticky adhesive and brittle paper face, they can only removed bit by bit.

  2. Different with normal paper stickers, the surface is with low ductile and the destructible eggshell sticker works by adhesive and the face together.

  3. Destructible warranty adhesive labels are special tamper evident stickers and will break into pieces once removed.

The destructive paper warranty stickers could be used as

  1. Tamper evident one time use security warranty seal sticker

  2. “warranty void if seal broken or removed” property barcode labels Destructible tamper proof fixed asset stickers

  3. Very strong adhesive stickers for permanent warning stickers or art street use eggshell stickers which you do not want others removed easily

Some design examples for your reference, if you do not like the designs, just tell us your ideas with company logo and name please, then we will design for you for free.

For custom design process:

If you do not have confirmed design, just tell us your ideas, such as the label size, quantity, and what's the company name and logo , what's the special requests.

Then we will send you some different draft designs for choosen from.


Destructible Vinyl Labels is a kind of tamper evident labels. This label will break into pieces(bit by bit) when someone tries to remove it.Common uses include asset tracking or warranty marking such as Ultra Destructible Vinyl Asset Labels, Warranty Stickers. We could print different Destructible Vinyl Labels for you, Destructible Address label,Data label,VOID sticker,Warranty tags,Brand Labels,Barcode Labels and so on