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Recently, our company noticed that some people were scammed at other websites. Credit card payment information was written to our company website: FCCPRINT.COM. If you are scammed on these websites, please contact the bank where your credit card is located immediately.

Scam site:zsrsome.store, etc.

Think about it with your smart brain. If you are a liar, would you use your own name to deceive people? It must be a way to blame others.

Disclaimer: We have nothing to do with these sites. We are a trusted professional printing company that only prints stickers and labels. Our website is very safe!

Please note that our website is powered by the great shopify and our payment method is only by paypal, paypal payment is very safe. if that goods are not free shipping, we suggest that please contact us to confirm the order, total amount and account information before placing an order. If you pay by Paypal with a credit card, we can't see your credit card information, then we won't keep any credit card information of your customers. Please take care of your personal credit card information to prevent the risk of fraud. If hackers steal stolen cards, please contact the relevant credit card companies and the police in time to stop the credit card payment or recover the relevant money as soon as possible. Any questions, feel free to contact us please, we will try our best! Thank you!

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