Mostly Widely Used Different material labels features

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Label Type Features
Coated Paper Labels
  1. Not water-proof, not oil-proof, destructible 
  2. The face is glossy and very smooth
  3. Most widely used paper label materials
Kraft Paper Labels
  1. The materials are flexible and strong and own high bursting resistance, they are subjected to large tensile force and pressure without breaking.
PVC Vinyl Labels
  1. PVC (vinyl), a kind of polymer material
  2. Waterproof and oil proof, cannot torn, high temperature resistant, suitable for outdoor labeling
  3. The faces are including transparent, glossy white, matte white
PET Vinyl Labels
  1. PET (Polyester film), a kind of polymer material
  2. Labels have good performance, they are anti-fouling, waterproof, scratch-resistant, high temperature resistant
  3. The faces are including transparent, white, glossy silver/gold, matte silver/gold, brushed silver/gold

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